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[New Release] “FLEA WALTZ” Extended Mix

I have proudly pre-released a new tune on beatport exclusively from BARDSWORKS which is a up-and-coming label of dance music.And the official release date is December 20, 2020.

ちなみに、タイトルの”Flea Waltz”とは皆さんもよくご存知のあの曲です😼

“FLEA WALTZ” Extended Mix

Have fun!

To DJs:
This tune has once time key modulation from C major / A minor (8B / 8A) to E-flat major / C minor (5B / 5A).

You may think it’s ridiculous to change the key in one tune, but don’t you think it’s one of the best ways to do something different to create an original DJ Mix, right? “FLEA WALTZ” Extended Mix already has an energy comparable to peak time in the first half of the song, but the key modulation allows it to be even more uplifting. I hope you’ll try to incorporate it into your mixing. Thank you.

この曲は、C major/A minor (8B / 8A) から E-flat major / C minor (5B / 5A)へ転調する。

1曲の中で調性が変わるなんて馬鹿げているとあなたは思うかも知れないけれど、オリジナリティあるDJ Mixを作るために他のDJと違うことをするのは最善策のひとつじゃないだろうか? この曲は前半のパートですでにピークタイムに匹敵するエネルギーを持っているが、転調することでさらに高揚感を上げることができるようになっている。是非、あなたのMixingに取り入れてみて欲しい。ありがとう。

Release Note from BARDSWORKS:

Flea Waltz (Flohwalzer) which is the one of the most global known piece for piano beginners, has been reinterpreted and reconstructed to a contemporary dance music by Yosuke Ikeda, a music composer in Tokyo, Japan.

Yosuke built the beat by layering synth riffs like future house on the orthodox house music groove, and then, over those, weaved the main melody and counter-melody with synthesizers and brass ensembles.

Furthermore, It’s also worth noting that this dance music breaks away from its extreme reliance on a monotonous bassline and give the harmonies more freedom. And finally, there is a pleasant and exhilarating key modulation.

This might have been unthinkable in conventional electronic dance music. However, it could be an important repertoire for DJs to make key transitions in their harmonic mixes.

Yosuke and BARDSWORKS hope DJs will make use of this track as a tool to create a DJ mix like anyone have never done before. And most importantly, we hope this track brings not only DJs but also all of you newly discovered joyfulness of electronic dance music.

世界的に有名なビギナーピアニストのための楽曲、Flea Waltz (Flohwalzer、 日本名「猫ふんじゃった」) を、日本の作曲家、Yosuke Ikedaがコンテンポラリーなダンスミュージックに再解釈、再構築した。