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BGM and SE for SHUEISHA “Haikyū!! Motion Comics!!”

I have proudly composed background music and made sound effects for SHUEISHA “Haikyū!! Motion Comics!!”.


“Haikyū!! Motion Comics” is consisted of 4 movies.

* I recommend you to listen with an earphone or a headphone, if possible.

❏ “Introduction”

❏ “Friendship”

❏ “Bravery”

❏ “Fighting Spirits”


Japan Para 2015 Wheelchair Rugby Championship

We will have “Japan Para 2015 Wheelchair Rugby Championship” at Chiba Port Arena in Japan.

(more…) «Japan Para 2015 Wheelchair Rugby Championship»” class=”more-link”>(more…) «Japan Para 2015 Wheelchair Rugby Championship»

“Tokyo Sakurascape”

Spring seems to be just around the corner in Japan.
We’re eagerly looking forward to Sakura(Cherry blossoms).

(more…) «“Tokyo Sakurascape”»” class=”more-link”>(more…) «“Tokyo Sakurascape”»

Funny & Kawaiiiiiiiiii!!! Kitties’ gif animation.

Rainbow Bridge (Tokyo) in rainbow color

The Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo is the 20th anniversary, 2013.
In this celebrating campaine, it was illuminated in rainbow color.

(more…) «Rainbow Bridge (Tokyo) in rainbow color»” class=”more-link”>(more…) «Rainbow Bridge (Tokyo) in rainbow color»

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